Katherine Martinez

Executive Director

Welcome to  the Newark Educators’ Community Charter School!  As Executive Director of NECCS, I am very excited and honored to lead this amazing educational organization and work with everyone to build the best educational experiences for our students every day. 

NECCS is grounded on a nurturing and dedicated staff, high quality academic programs, and opportunities for enrichment and assistance for all.  We provide our teachers with all the support available to ensure that high quality instruction is delivered in every room and that our teachers continue to grow as professionals.  Our instructional program utilizes research-based resources such as Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Workshop, Eureka Math, and FOSS Science.  We offer dedicated time for enrichment and academic support for all students, as well as a full suite of services, including counseling, speech, occupational therapy to name a few. 

I have the privilege to spend each day with amazing children.  Our students’ safety and growth are a critical part of the NECCS mission.  We work diligently to provide all students with a warm, caring environment filled with rich and meaningful educational and social experiences.  Each decision made at NECCS takes into account each child's well-being, the need for students to be in a caring learning environment, and the belief that their hard work at NECCS will lead to limitless possibilities.

Thank you for stopping by our virtual home.  
Warm regards.

General Staff

Valerie Charles

School Nurse


Lisette Diaz

School Social Worker / Case Manager


Antoinette Butler

Family Liaison


Ameenah Brown

Community Outreach Coordinator


Perla Juarez

Front Desk Receptionist


Asiyah Peck

Food Services Coordinator


Instructional Staff

Ms. Llanes & Ms. Kelling

Pre K-3

Ms. Tangy & Ms. Lozano

Pre K-4

Ms. Levan & Ms. Saunders

Pre K-4

Ms. Aquah-Amissah & De La Cruz


Ms. Allen & Ms. Bailey


Ms. White & Ms. Childs

Grade 1

Ms. Filipovic & Ms.Johnson

Grade 1

Ms. Figueroa & Mr. Lopez

Grade 2

Ms. Lockwood & Ms. Ayzanoa

Grade 2

Ms. Tegg & Ms. Ortiz

Grade 3

Ms. Michel & Ms. Mejia

Grade 3

Ms. Atkins & Ms. Rivera

Grade 4

Ms. Califano & Ms. Clark

Grade 4

Ms. Tsiopanis

Special Education

Ms. McKenzie

Special Education

Mr. Argenti

Physical Education