Remote Learning & Covid-19

Due to the evolving coronavirus COVID-19 situation, NEWARK EDUCATORS COMMUNITY CHARTER SCHOOL has transitioned to remote learning and instruction. While academic focus will continue, we are committed to the safety and care of our students, families, staff, and community.

List of Essential Employees by Category                                            Title                                                                                Name                            Administration                                                                Operations Manager                                                    Patrice Usry

                         Administration                                                                  Supv early Chilhood                                                Melissa Allison

                       Superintendent                                                                  Executive Director                                               Katherine Martinez

                           Maintenance                                                                             Custodian                                                             Vicente Meija

                           Technology                                                                                        NIT                                                                                NIT

                 Food Service Personnel                                                   Food & Nutrition Dir                                                        Asiyah Peck

                 Food Service Personnel                                                Food Services Support                                               Barbera Valerio

                 Food Service Personnel                                                Food Services Support                                               Ameenah Brown

Genesis Parent Portal

We are pleased to announce that your Genesis Parent Account is ready for use by Newark Educators Community Charter School parents/guardians. Just to review, the Genesis Parent Access enables parents/guardians to access their child's grades,
attendance and other student information.